Dr. Gary Frazier is a well-known speaker and author who is known for his deep love for Christ and passion to share His message with everyone he meets. He is respected as one of today’s leading experts on Biblical prophecy and current events and the irrefutable parallel between the two.

Gary has spoken in hundreds of churches across America, including 1st Baptist Dallas, Prestonwood Church, 2nd Baptist Houston, and 1st Baptist Woodstock to name a few. He is a frequent and popular guest on many national radio programs and podcasts including Prophecy in the NewsPoint of View, and Master Books. He has appeared on numerous documentaries and television programs such as History Channel’s God vs. Satan and The Apocalypse Code, and his ministry was featured in Vanity Fair magazine. Gary, along with Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson, traveled the country presenting the Left Behind Conference on Bible Prophecy in more than 80 of America’s largest churches, and is a contributor to the LaHaye Prophecy Bible and The Prophecy Encyclopedia.

Gary is the founder of Discovery Missions International and has authored 15 books, his latest being The Event, a biblically-based fictional depiction of life on earth after the rapture of the church. He also founded Discovery Cruises and Tours with a deep conviction that when individuals walk where Jesus walked their lives are forever changed. In this capacity, Gary has traveled to Israel over 100 times, taking more than 2200 senior pastors with him at no charge so they can experience the spiritual impact of that journey and to equip and familiarize them with the Biblical significance of the Holy Land from a past, current and future perspective. Gary now serves as Sr. Consultant at DCT and his son, Victor, and grandson, Dillon, run the company. They are building upon Gary’s legacy that DCT be known as an equipping ministry, not a travel business, with the purpose of enlightening believers by bringing the Bible to life before their eyes in God’s Holy Land of Israel.

Gary is a former pastor and currently serves as Teaching Associate at Prestonwood Church in Plano, TX. He attended Criswell College and Southwestern Seminary and holds Master’s and PhD degrees from Louisiana Baptist University. He also holds an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and a Doctor of Divinity degree from International Seminary in Plymouth, FL.

On the fun side, Gary is a commercial multiengine-rated pilot and an avid golfer.

Discovery Missions is a 501 (c) 3, non-taxable corporation, and is the teaching phase of Dr. Frazier’s ministry. Through Discovery Missions, you will find helpful resource and teaching materials, as well as links to other excellent ministry sites. In this section, we are also pleased to provide sound biblical answers to many of the most often asked questions concerning Bible Prophecy and the Last Days. In addition, Dr. Frazier spoke alongside Drs. Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson in an exciting Saturday conference called The Global Warning Conference on Bible Prophecy.  Dr. Frazier currently speaks approximately 40 times per year in churches of various denominations all over America, and is available for bookings by contacting our office.