Free Speech, Not in America!

Free Speech, Not in America!

This sign is enraging the liberal left as well as many Muslims in America and they are destroying these everywhere they find them.  Let me say emphatically that Muslims are on a steady march to infiltrate and eventually take over America. Sound a little far fetched to you? Then you do not understand the principals nor the plan with which Islam was birthed. The Plan was and is to make the crescent moon a full moon when Islam dominates the world and is the ONLY religion/philosophy allowed on the globe. The threat is serious and yet we in America do what we always do, tolerate. The very principals that have given us our great freedom are the very instruments being used against us to destroy us. I know most Americans are so busy trying to make a living, run the kids to their  activities and then collapse into bed only to start all over the next day. Sadly, our enemy is focused and on mission! Are we to love all people? Absolutely! Are to we stand by and keep our mouth shut while our freedoms are being trampled on? No, a thousand times NO! Jesus said we are to be Salt and Light. This requires us to stand up and speak out concerning the truths that have made America the greatest nation in the world. If we keep sitting on the sidelines we are going to witness the Death of America. It is time to start asking the question, Who are Americans? Who are our friends? Who share our traditional values? Who is for us and who is against us? Have you ever heard of the Trojan Horse? If you haven’t, I would encourage you to find out what it was!

Just My Thoughts.

Gary Frazier

Gary Frazier is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy, current events and speaks in approximately 50-75 churches and conferences annually. He is a former pastor and has traveled to Israel more than 150 times since the 70’s.

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