Happy Birthday Israel!

Happy Birthday Israel!

Sixty four years ago today,  God moved in history to fulfill his numerous promises to the Jewish people to bring them back to their land in the last days.  Our generation has served as an eyewitness to this miracle of God. History records there has never been a nation whose people have been separated from their homeland for more than 200 or so years and returned and reconstituted as a nation until May 14, 1948.

In the aftermath of the Holocaust of World War II, where 6 million Jews lost their lives in the ovens of Nazi Germany,  the civilized nations of the world rose up  and declared it was time for the Jewish nation to be reborn. The vast majority of these nations had no idea they were fulfilling the ancient promises of God spoken through the prophets. Although for nearly 2000 years the Jews had been separated from their land, each and every Sabbath day they prayed, Next year in Jerusalem! The Jews believed that one day they would return to their promised homeland and thrive once again.  Numerous biblical passages such as Ezekiel 36:24 state, For I will gather you out of all of the countries and bring you back into your land. The God who knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 9:10-11) gathered the Jewish people back into their land in order to begin his in End Time program for the world. sadly, most people do not know the promises of God as they relate to the Jewish people and the last days in the history of the world as we know them. The result of this lack of knowledge is great confusion concerning the support for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people to exist in security in the land that God has given them.

Today we celebrate not just the return of the Jews to their land, but the God who promised the return! The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is alive and well and is up on his throne and is and will,  keep all of his promises.

My heartfelt prayer today is that Israel might recognize that Jesus Christ is Yeshua,  the Messiah!

Gary Frazier

Gary Frazier is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy, current events and speaks in approximately 50-75 churches and conferences annually. He is a former pastor and has traveled to Israel more than 150 times since the 70’s.

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