National Gridlock

National Gridlock

Americans are largely bewildered as to why we cannot seem to get anything of true importance accomplished in Washington these days. The word that is bantered around as characterizing Congress is Gridlock. What is really happening and why are we in this mess is a question I hear often. Today’s (May 16, 2012) USA Today newspaper has published a, “letter to the editor”, that in a microcosm sheds light on this dim subject. The writer is a man from Chicago by the name of Jeff Clauser. His letter bears the title: Equality for all advances with Obama support for gay marriage.  The letter reads: President Obama’s “coming out” in support of gay marriage was a huge boost toward equality for all  (emphasis added) Americans. Unfortunately, we still have a significant number of religious conservatives who are against equality. But this should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed politics and religion for any length of time. For much of our country’s history, conservative people have routinely tried to push their religious beliefs onto others via public policy, involving topics from evolutionary biology to gay rights, those on the right have consistently attempted to crush both science and liberty. In many cases they have succeeded, as we saw recently in North Carolina. The state passed an amendment to its constitution defining marriage as between and man and a woman.

Regardless, I fervently believe that setbacks to our freedom and equality will be short lived. As our nation and the world move forward with advances in science and medicine, rationality inevitably follows. Conservatives will have a more difficult time defending their bigotry.

The mindset of Mr. Clauser, while shocking to me personally, sadly reflects the views of a portion of our fellow Americans. He throws words and phrases such as “equality”, “religious conservatives who are against equality”, “those on the right have consistently attempted to crush both science and liberty”, “setbacks to our freedom and equality will be short lived” and will have a more difficult time defending their bigotry”.

His views as well as the use of these words and phrases reflect not only a distorted view of America and the principles on which it was founded, but a profound ignorance of the framework for a functioning society that can survive for more than a short period of time. The America he speaks of sounds like a very bad place, at least in his mind. So, How did he arrive at these views?

I highly suspect Mr. Clauser is a practicing homosexual. In addition he sees gay marriage as an issue of equality and freedom for all. Here is the problem. America was and is a nation founded upon Biblical principles and long held moral values. No matter how hard people like Jeff try, they simply cannot re-write our documented and verifiable history. But the real issue is his World View! Jeff apparently sees the world through the eyes of mans religion, that is, Secular Humanism in contrast to the Biblical view. He wants to make what God has clearly called sin and perversion an issue of equality and freedom. He fails to see that if we go down the road he wants us to the next step will be the legalization of Polygamy, followed by adopting the proposed legislation of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) who wants to make it legal for grown men to have sex with little boys. I know this sounds bizarre but it happens to be true (you think it will never happen, you probably never thought we would legalize marriage between homosexuals either). The next step would be to legalize Bestiality as well as all other types of perversion. Where does it stop? It doesn’t! The real issue is, to whom are we going to listen, Man or God? The real issue is one of authority. If there is a creator God, and there is, then what He says is right and true.

Jeff is entitled to express his opinion but frankly I resent his calling those of us who disagree with him, BIGOTS. Frankly Jeff, I think you may be the BIGOT in this scenario because we too have freedoms and rights and one of those is the freedom to stand on God’s Word and not man’s! Just my thoughts.

Gary Frazier

Gary Frazier is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy, current events and speaks in approximately 50-75 churches and conferences annually. He is a former pastor and has traveled to Israel more than 150 times since the 70’s.

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