4 DVD Special

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This 4 DVD Special includes Jerusalem: Past-Present-Future, The Hand of God in History, The Islamic Invasion of Israel,  and Are You Ready?

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Jerusalem: Past- Present-Future – Listen and watch as Dr. Frazier teaches about this remarkable city from the top of the Mt of Olives to a live audience.

The Hand of God in History – Dr. Frazier is on site in the very place where Israel was re-born in May 1948. He reveals how God worked in history to make good on His promise to bring the Jewish people home.

The Islamic Invasion of Israel – Does God have anything to say about the threats of Iran to annihilate the Jewish people? Hear Dr. Frazier as he reveals this truth on location in Israel.

Are You Ready? – This message will challenge you to know for certain you belong to Christ. This is a word of hope and warning. Remember: eternity is too long to be wrong!


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