The Unconstitutional President

The Unconstitutional President

With each passing day we see steps taken by this President and his Czars that evidence a total disregard for our Constitution. America has been an exceptional nation because the most unique foundation in the world’s history was laid by our Founders. These unique men were very aware of the dangers unlimited power would do to restrict freedom. Their vision was clear due to the fact they had witnessed this type of oppression in various areas of their world and they did not want this for themselves nor their posterity. Fast forward almost 236 years and the question is, what happened to our freedom? Could we be poised to truly lose our freedoms? I just read an article written by our friends at Liberty Counsel alerting us to a very clear and present danger. I wrote about what God has to say about this day in my book, It Could Happen Tomorrow. ( I encourage you to read it as well as an excerpt from the article and I have linked the entire article and encourage you to sign their petition. (

Under President Barack Obama, the Executive Branch’s quest for power at the expense of the other two Branches appears to be accelerating.  In fact, the administration’s propensity to sidestep the Constitution is making news nearly every day now.
According to columnist Jeffrey T. Kuhner of The Washington Times, through his quietly announced “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order (EO) signed on March 16th, President Obama placed himself and certain government bureaucrats above the law.
That single EO granted the power “to commandeer all U.S. domestic resources, including food and water, as well as seize all energy and transportation infrastructure inside the borders of the United States.”
Further, the Government can also forcibly draft U.S. citizens into the military and force U.S. citizens to fulfill ‘labor requirements’ for the purposes of ‘national defense.’ There is not even any congressional oversight allowed – only briefings, says Kuhner.
Mr. Kuhner called Obama’s power grab, “stunning in its audacity and a flagrant violation of the Constitution… He now possesses the potential powers of a dictator.”

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Gary Frazier

Gary Frazier is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy, current events and speaks in approximately 50-75 churches and conferences annually. He is a former pastor and has traveled to Israel more than 150 times since the 70’s.

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